Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Islamic Art Museum

Field Objective :

From the field research trip,we discover about Islamic art that we not touched on our dairy life and more deep into it.Like such as their culture, architectural, arts and more.Their coverage are very wide,we know the Islamic art from middle east ,china,asia and around the world,we discover about how Islamic influence in other country like in China,their mosque was build with Chinese culture style.There also have alot of arts that we can bring it into our dairy media life to make it more intresting.Like their typography,combination with other culture and more.It's definitively a worth to visit.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Usertesting - TOMEI

1) How do you feel with this website ?

2) Would you visit this website again ?

3) Do you think the mood and colour mood suitable ?

4) Is the information readable?

5) Does the content and information helpful to you ?

6) Which page do you like the most ?

7) Any suggestion and improvement ?


 1st page - Home
 2nd page-Corporate
 3rd page - Collection
4th page- Master Pieces

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Web Design 2 - Flowchart for TOMEI

Web Design 2 -Wireframe for TOMEI

Web Design 2 - Sitemap for TOMEI

Web Design 2 - Moodboard for TOMEI

Project Proposal - Part 1

Project Definition
The project definition for design this website is get know their target audience and the propose to enchancing the website such as navigation bar,typo and usability of the current website.

Current Website:

Benefits of the website:
The website with tidy and clean layout,complete information.

Web area that should be improve:
The colour mood can be more better to create the luxury of jewelry,typography for the information and navigator bar.The overall wireframe can be arrange more in nicely way.

To achieve a more tidy website to let customer more satisfaction and user could be more easy get their way to sufing website.

Client Analysis
Short term goals – To promote their website with their jewellery.
Long term goals – To let people know well their brand,and they can get latest information from the website.
Target audience – People who got their own job around 25-60,especially 25-40 who know well on internet.
Competitor analysis:
Site strategy – Change the colour mood of the design,let it be more attractive.

Competitor Analysis
Poh kong
-The layout is boring with the colour mood,it can be more intresting such as improve the navigator button and the colour mood can be more soft and clear.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Web Design 2 - Site map & gantt chart

Gantt Chart

Site map


Web Design 2 - Web design tutorials

1.Creating A Cool 3D Web Design Effect

2.Make the Viget Inspire Background

3.Website Design Studio

4.The Most Advance Game Layout

5.Royal Interface

Web Design 2 - HTML tutorials

Blog & urls of html & tutorials
Symbol -
Embedded Objects -
Logical tags -
Lists -
Document tags -

Web Design 2 - Beautiful Websites

-The website is simple and beautiful,the content is there althrough that is simple,the typography and hierarchy is there.

-The website is played with lots of vector images,there are match and intresting and the navigation between user is fun.

-The website is cute and nice,the vector is there,and the navigator is intresting.

-The website play with vector and typography,the typo with nice colour mood choice,and the navigator is intresting such using handdrawing vector.

Web Design 2 - Screenshots with analysis of competitors websites

Poh kong
-The layout is boring with the colour mood,it can be more intresting such as improve the navigator button and the colour mood can be more soft and clear.

-The layout is nice and clear,user can get used to it.There are match with each other.

Tiffany & co
-The website is luxury and clear,simple but yet nice,the colour mood is good.

-The website is clear and nice,and the navigator is clear enought,user can get used to it and to the direct way.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



How to study smart

How to...

How to become a succes person.
1.WHO AM I - Writter/Lecture
2.WHO IS THEM - Business Man
3.WHAT FOR - Become success person
4.1st task - Know about your problem
5.2nd task - Planning
6.3nd task - Solve the problem
7.4th task - Success and Sharing
8.OUTCOME - Success person
9.SHOWCASE - Magazine

How to improve your studies
1.WHO AM I - Lecture
2.WHO IS THEM - College Student
3.WHAT FOR - Improve their result
4.1st task - Know well about own problems
5.2nd task - Do more research and studies
6.3nd task - Time Management
7.4th task - Target
8.OUTCOME - Achieve their target
9.SHOWCASE - Magazine/Gallery

How to get a healthy life style
1.WHO AM I - Doctor
2.WHO IS THEM - Public
3.WHAT FOR - Get a healthy life
4.1st task - Know about nutrition
5.2nd task - What should eat more and less
6.3nd task - More Exercise
7.4th task - Sleep early
8.OUTCOME - Improve their living life
9.SHOWCASE - Magazine , tv ,ads

Illustrator Tutorials

1)iTune Icon Replicating the iTune icon by using various blend techniques.

2)Illustrating a Summer Field Landscape

3)Design with Swirls and Flourishes

4)Christmas Hat Draw a furry Christmas hat with Illustrator roughen effect/filter.

5)Creating a Vector Folder Icon

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photoshop Web tutorial

Sleek layout

2)Create a Dark Themed Web Design from Scratch

Dark layout

3)Carbon Fiber Layout

Beautiful Websites

1)Weight Shiff

2) Nike

3)20 things i learned about