Sunday, January 31, 2010

User Test

1) Please name a theme that SUITABLE my icon.

2)In your opinion , how do you think my icon represented ?

a)contact , gallery , home
b)home , gallery ,contact
c)contact , home , gallery
d)Other : ____________________

3)What do you think of the Color scheme ?

a)Very Satisfied
c)Not Satisfied
d)Very Bad

4)Is that the icon easy to understand?

c.not really

5)Would you use my icon?


6)Please give my icon a mark


7)Improvement of my icon

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


1)Why do you want to use flowchart in your mobile interface design and screen interface design?
-i would like to use flowchart in my design because it is the process of accessing a function,and it also have a better understanding of the process and how the interface interact with user,so we can find simple and the easy way to solve the problem.

2)How will it help my users to meet the interactive goals?
-They can help the users by teaching step-by-step and giving a guide to reach their aim,so that users can avoid some unnecessary problem.

Buddy Icon

Alvin buddy icon which done by me

This is my icon which done by alvin

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 Things Best Describes Myself

1.Car - because i like to walk around anyway...
2.Magic - somethings that you cant be aware of it,it represent me i'm a emotional person...
3.Rabbit - Playboy logo,represent i'm a playboy...
4.Pig - because i'm lazy...
5.bamboo - because i'm thin , so bamboo can represent about me ...
6.billboard - billboard always show us the latest ad,it represent me always like somethings new...
7.whale - it represent i'm a self-
independent person...
8.Clock - clock represent time,it always tell me i dont have
sense of time...
9.moon - moon represent night , and it also represent the symbol of dream ...
10.gas - gas has random
particle , it represent me cant focus on one things ...