Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Islamic Art Museum

Field Objective :

From the field research trip,we discover about Islamic art that we not touched on our dairy life and more deep into it.Like such as their culture, architectural, arts and more.Their coverage are very wide,we know the Islamic art from middle east ,china,asia and around the world,we discover about how Islamic influence in other country like in China,their mosque was build with Chinese culture style.There also have alot of arts that we can bring it into our dairy media life to make it more intresting.Like their typography,combination with other culture and more.It's definitively a worth to visit.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Usertesting - TOMEI

1) How do you feel with this website ?

2) Would you visit this website again ?

3) Do you think the mood and colour mood suitable ?

4) Is the information readable?

5) Does the content and information helpful to you ?

6) Which page do you like the most ?

7) Any suggestion and improvement ?


 1st page - Home
 2nd page-Corporate
 3rd page - Collection
4th page- Master Pieces